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How do I measure myself accurately?Updated 2 years ago

Measure your garment - not on yourself...

To find your measurements, the best thing you can do is to measure a garment that fits you well.

Lay your garment flat on a table

  1. Take a measuring tape, tape measure or yardstick and carefully measure all the areas listed on the Size Guide. For your body's measurements, double the number. 

  2. Take note of all your measurements and keep that for future reference


Where to measure

Knowing where to lay your measuring tape or yardstick is important for accuracy. Here are some guidelines for precise calculations.

Chest/Bust - Measure from armpit to armpit

Waist - Find the narrowest part of the shirt, which should be midway between the armpit and hem

Waist - Measure across waistband of pants or shorts 

Hips - Measure the widest portion of pants or shorts, usually about 2-3 inches from the waistband

Outerseam - Measure from the hip to hem

Inseam - Measure from crotch of pants to hem 

Leg opening - To ensure short openings are loose/tight enough, we have measured in diameter the opening (outer hem seam to inner hem seam)

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