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How is my information used?Updated 2 years ago

Your information is never shared with any third parties.

We use the information you provide at checkout to process past, present, and future orders with us and our affiliates. Your contact information may be disclosed as necessary to the sender, receiver, or credit card holder of an order. We never sell your information.

We use your return email address and telephone numbers to respond to inquiries about your order. You can register to receive special offers in two ways: by placing an order on our site or by taking advantage of an "opt-in" offer on our site. We will use your information for this purpose only if we receive it via one of our registration methods.

We use aggregate information that is not personally identifiable to improve and advertise our services. This data may contain information about the numbers and kinds of people who visit our site, but it cannot be used to identify any single individual.

We never use or share your personally identifiable information in ways unrelated to processing your order without also offering an opportunity to "opt-out" of such use, provided, that, you acknowledge and agree that we may share your information, including any product reviews, to comply with applicable law or reasonable request based upon governmental regulation, court order, subpoena or similar related action, and as we deem necessary in the event (or partial event) of a corporate sale, asset sale, merger, reorganization, change in corporate control, acquisition, or similar event

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