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Team Store FAQ'sUpdated a year ago

What are the benefits of a Team Store?

  • FREE Team Store Set-up
  • Team Brand Promotion: Place for players, coaches, fans and friends to shop for gear with your club's branding
  • Easy Fundraiser for your club
  • Increase fan support

How do I set up a team store for my club?

Creating a team store at World Rugby Shop is simple.  To begin setting up your team store, please fill out the interest form below and one of our team representatives will reach out to you to gather more information about your club.

What do you need from me to start a team store?

  • Sign our Team Store Agreement:  we will send this to you once you submit a Team Store Interest Form
  • Team Store Registration Form: here you provide club branding and details needed to build out your store (vector logos, team colors, # of players, and a brief description of your club)
  • Register in GoAffPro by creating a password, once we send you an invite to the app

Does it cost anything to start a team store? 

No, team stores are completely FREE. 

What if I do not have a vector logo? 

We have a design team that can redraw your logo as a vector file; however this can add to the length of time it takes to get your team store up and running.

Once my team store is up, do I have to do anything?

All you have to do is share your club's referral link with coaches, players, fans, and friends, and let them know to shop through the link so that your club will earn commission.  10% on club branded items in your team store and 5% on other items on our site.

How does the team store commission work? 

During the team store registration process, you have the option to be invited to our affiliate app. Once you get that invite you can set up your password and link any and all of your social media accounts and PayPal. Once you are fully registered you would then simply share your unique referral link with your team, family, friends and fans and once any purchase is made through that link you will receive 10% back for club branded items and an additional 5% back on all other World Rugby Shop items. 

How long will my team store be up?

Teams stores are live on the website and available to your members all year round.

Can I add a new design to my team store?

As long as your online store has had over $5000 in sales, we will build a unique design for your team.  Given the volume of stores and requests we cannot accommodate custom design requests for all stores.  

Can I select the items that go on my team store?

We currently provide a standard base package that covers a range of items that have been proven to be top sellers across all of our stores. If you have any special requests please speak to your team sales rep and we can see if we can accommodate.

Can I set the pricing on my store to create a fundraiser for my club?

We are happy that we can assist our clubs with their fundraisers, but we do not allow clubs to set the price of individual items in their team stores.  Instead, we offer 10% back on every branded item sold in the team store and 5% back on sales of all other items purchased when a customer uses your club referral link to shop at World Rugby Shop.  This includes boots, balls, jerseys, etc. 

Can I get a discount code for my team? 

We run special promotions throughout the year to help boost your store's performance. These are typically sent via email to stores admin. 

Will my team store be open to the public or will it be password protected?

In general, team stores are open to the public.  If you have a special reason to make it password protected, please contact us.  We encourage you to share your referral link with fans and friends, to promote your team store and generate more commission for your club.

How long will it take for my team store to go live?

We're excited to get your team store up and running as quickly as possible.
Once we have your signed agreement, your logo and club details, and your store has been approved, it should take about 5-10 business days to get it up and running. 
If we get really busy, it can take longer. The entire process usually takes 2 weeks. 

Is PayPall the only way to get paid out? 

For our systems to work seamlessly, it's best for clubs to have a PayPal account to be paid for their commission. There is an option to receive a gift card, but gift cards expire after one year.

What is the method you use for customizing our garments? 

For your team wear items  we use our in house heat press machine, to heat press your logo transfers on to the products.  For your fan wear items we use screen printing for most of the clothing items, embroidery for the hats, sublimation for flags, kiss-cut for stickers and inkjet for mugs. 

What do I do if I've lost my GoAffPro password? 

If you know the email address associated with your account, visit and click 'Forgot Password'. You will receive an email to reset your password.

Other questions:

Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] 

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