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Overnight ShippingUpdated 8 months ago

Overnight Shipping is an option that can allow you to receive items quickly if you are on a time constraint, but it is important to note this services does NOT run on the weekend. This option should only be chosen during the business days of Monday through Thursday as the service only runs on business days.  If you order on Friday you will not receive your package until Monday.  

Also any orders that are placed after 5pm CT will not ship same day.  

It is also important to note that if your item requires additional customization you should factor customization time into when you will receive the order.  It will only take 1 day to ship to you if you select overnight, but could take up to 2 weeks to produce the item. releases all responsibility of delivery once the package is received by your carrier of choice. We are not responsible for any delays should the package not arrive within 24 hours. Shipping and Tracking timelines stating delivery dates are estimates and are not guaranteed. 


Please do not choose Overnight Shipping on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Neither FedEx or USPS deliver Overnight packages on Saturday or Sunday. Your package will be delivered on the next business day. 

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