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Tracking indicates 'Delivered' but Missing PackageUpdated 2 years ago

NOTE: Once your shipment has been picked-up by your carrier of choice and the tracking number associated with the order updated, hands over all further accountability for shipping, transit, and delivery to the carrier. assumes no liability for packages that may have become lost or misplaced while in transit or once delivered.


Your package tracking is showing ‘delivered’ but you have not received it?

Do you suspect that your carrier may have incorrectly delivered your package or that someone may have stolen it? Act quickly. 

  • Check your carrier’s real-time tracking information to determine whether your package is showing ‘Delivered.’ 

  • If the package tracking shows ‘Delivered’ but you are unable to locate it; immediately contact the responsible shipping company to place a missing package enquiry and to complete a ‘missing’ shipment report. 

  • If you suspect that your package was unlawfully removed from your premises, check all applicable doorbell and property cameras, and immediately contact your local police department to report the suspected theft. It may be beneficial to fill out a police report since it may assist you with any potential insurance claims that you may wish to pursue through your personal insurance provider. 

You choose to pursue carrier reimbursement

The recovery process differs depending on the carrier. Please contact the carrier directly for reimbursement information.


You suspect that your package has been stolen and you purchase a replacement

We strongly suggest you do something different when the second package is delivered. That might mean being home when the package is delivered, sending it to a family member’s home with a less exposed porch, or having it held at the post office. Changing it up will hopefully prevent the second package from being stolen too.

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