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Pennsylvania Sales Tax

We are considered Sporting Apparel so we are required to charge sales tax to our Pennsylvania customer. From the state of Pennsylvania sales tax guidelines:Although most apparel is exempt from Pennsylvania sales and use tax, the following products ar

Can I pay with a Visa gift card or similar?

We do accept Visa Gift Cards as payment. You cannot split payments between a Visa gift card and another credit or debit card. You can split payment between a World Rugby Shop gift card and another form of payment.  If your order total is greater than

How do I pay with a gift card?

To pay using a gift card, just enter the unique code at checkout!

My coupon code isn't working

If your code doesn't seem to be working it is possible that it has expired.  Double check the offer expiration and spelling and if you are still having trouble contact us at [email protected] with a screen cap of the issue and we will get it

Can I get my refund in a different manner than my original method of payment?

A refund can only be sent to the original payment method.  If you no longer have access to that payment method, contact the bank or agency for the original payment method to claim the funds after the refund is sent.

Can I get a refund on a return if I used a gift card?

Yes!  If you return an item that was purchased with a gift card, the gift card will be refunded the amount of the item returned.

Why was my payment method declined?

If your credit card declined, don't worry! Try troubleshooting the issue with these tips:. First, verify your information (credit card number, expiration date, billing address, and phone number) are all correctly entered. Please note that that your b

What is a pre-authorization charge?

A pre-auth is a temporary hold on your account's funds; the duration of the hold can vary by issuer. An authorization hold (also called a card authorization, pre-authorization, or pre-auth) is the practice within the banking industry of authorizing e